Eusense is a supermodernist design studio* that meticulously crafts visual identities and digital interactions.

*Manifesting a deepening or intensification of modernity, as well as having a forward-looking commitment to science and knowledge.

We are quite passionate* about technology, design, language, storytelling, typography, clarity, objectivity, readability, contrast, geometry, symmetry and asymmetry.

*Needless to say, since you surely figured this out by now.

We are confident* that we can help you with the things that we're good at.

*Most of our clients have been head over heels for our work.

The things that we're good at* include, but are not limited to: consultancy, communication strategy, naming, visual identities, website design and development, application design and user experience.

*Refined, tried and tested for over a decade.

We are proud of* our collaborations with Cloud Kingdom (UK), Decisions (US), Investablish Interactive Learning Center (NL), Perego Cars (CH), Katharina Beckemper (DE).

*Maintaining a strong, long-term relationship with most of our clients.

We are two* geeks, Andrei Gy├Ârfi, specialized in all things design, and Emanuel Banyai, specialized in all things coding.

*Road and mountain bike riders, avid music listeners, friendly guys all-around.

We are ready* to meet you and talk about your ideas. You can either request a proposal or drop us a line via email.

*Please note that the scope of your project must align with our capabilities and availability.

This site is an experiment* in which we try to introduce ourselves and our studio by using type exclusively.

*We like taking bold decisions, then carefully studying their impact.